Book Review: Led to Lead by Marty Berglund

When you think about leadership books, sometimes it’s synonymous with the name John Maxwell or a powerful book written by J. Oswald Sanders. Most likely they will draw leadership lessons from characters in the Bible. It could be from the life of David, Solomon, Nehemiah, and of course from our Lord Jesus Christ. But I havent yet encounter a leadership book entirely centers in the life of Moses. “Led to Lead” is fill to the brim look at the faith AND leadership of Moses. I put the emphasis on “and” because both faith and leadership goes hand in hand especially with Christian leaders. With its 22 chapters, I think every aspect of faith and leadership are tackled in an easy to read manner. Journey along this book as it discuss relevant issues pertain a Christian.

This book has a nice and informative content, very inspiring to everyone not just for leaders but also to every believers. When I start reading this book, I feel that I can’t stand up until I finish it till the end. My favorite favorite chapters in “Led to Lead” are Chapter 7, 8, and 15. I learned here that in times we don’t know our future “Don’t Give Up” because in times like this, when we can’t see what instore in the future, it’s a great opportunity to trust God. We need to “Get Prepared” and always willing to obey, rely on God’s plan and when we trust in His plan in our life we could share it to other people this marvelous things God did to our life. When we want to be “Happy in Following God”, we need to take heed to His plan and be ready to listen to His voice.

“Led to Lead”


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