Book Review: Transforming Households by Alfonso G. Pablo, Sr.

photo grabbed from CLC Karuhatan Facebook

Met the author on his book launch last September, I remember briefly talking to him. A mild mannered fellow, I falsely assumed that he won’t write a book that goes beyond the usual Christian book. But looks can be deceiving! As I check his second book, “Transforming Household”, Alfonso G. Pablo, Sr is top caliber author and we need such writers with a vision to apply biblical foundation for the Filipino family.

“Transforming Household” is a book that you won’t ignore. Definitive and comprehensive it can outshines its foreign counterparts. This is a living testimony that a book about engaging the family with Jesus in a Pinoy setting is possible. Complete with charts and graphs and a runaway content, every Christian should watch out for this author as he serves more books in the coming year.

Something for the pastor and the church to consider, “Transforming Household” it is a must read. The book might be a bit bulky but its content is meaty. Brimful of wise and practical advice, its passion to bring the Pinoy family to the true biblical pattern can be truly felt in every page.

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