Book Review + Bonus Videos: Resisting Gossip Together by Matt Mitchell


Just when you think Matt Mitchell delivered a great book titled “Resisting Gossip”, which could be enough for us for the topic of gossip, he then gives us a sort of sequel (and much more) with “Resisting Gossip Together”. This book is a participant’s guide and a Bible study companion of his first book and the video series. “Resisting Gossip Together” is intended to dig deeper on the topic of gossip.

The book is, as I have said, a great compliment book. As I flip though the pages, it’s also a stand-alone book. Take the first book and the video series out, you will still benefit from this book. but you have to sweat (not much) by having a pen and a Bible on hand.

If you ask me if I need to buy “Resisting Gossip Together” after having “Resisting Gossip”, my answer is yes. Yes because of its value to a group study of the subject of gossip. It helps you to navigate on facilitating it. It does also assist you to make use of other online resources on Matt’s blog to further enhance the group study. Another thing is how indispensible it will be on your personal study.

After munching on “Resisting Gossip” get  “Resisting Gossip Together”. Both are valuable books on gossip and having both of the books is a powerhouse.


As added bonus to this book review, here are the video series of “Resisting Gossip”….


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