Recap “15 Days/15 Books” Part 2

imageBefore I round up the 5 children’s book reviews in this book campaign, I would like to say something to our online friends. First, a thank you for reading the reviews and following me the blog. May you be bless by the review and the gospel message that goes along with it. Second, an apology if I’m posting too much in your little space over Facebook and making it look like spam post. Please bear another 5 days (?) and this is all over. Please pray that this blog will make an impact to people specially the gospel.

So before I tell you a good news, lets take another look at the 2nd batch of book reviews:

The White Shoes by Grace D. Chong and Sergio Bumatay III

Boom Bang Clang by Maloi Malibiran-Salumbides and Robert Magnuson

What’s in Jochebed’s Basket? by Beng Alba and Ingrid Camille G. Tan

Bakit Hindi Naka-lipistik si Nanay? by Grace D. Chong and Kora Dandan-Albano

So You Want to be a Scientist? by Elizabeth Ong and Harvey Ong

As I have said I have a good news. Creation Ministries International has a special concern over the Philippines in terms of educating us with creation science. They will be opening a Philippine based organization called Philippine Creation Network (PCN). They will be providing resources either free or low cost to reach out Pinoys. Not only that they will be speakers that will be send to hold seminars. Still in the works though but please include them in your prayers. Also I would like to contribute in PCN by offering my blogging skill. If God willing, this organization will help spread the creation science and the gospel. You can check CMI website, for more info. Till next post guys!

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