Recap “15 Days/15 Books” Part 1

Hello guys! I hope you enjoyed our “15 Days/15 Books” book campaign here on my blog. This is in celebration of National Children’s Book Day on July 15. Delighting Grace is advocating children literacy and sharing the gospel. May you find this endevour your joy too.

Anyways, here’s the recap of our first 5 book reviews. In case you missed it you can easily find it here.

“Porcupirate Plans the Day” by Robert Magnuson:

“Hello God!1” by Grace D. Chong and Ggie A. Bernabe:

“May Giyera sa Katawan ni Mark” by Luis P. Gatmaitan, M. D. and Ariel Santillan:

“God of Fire, God of Rain” by Yna Reyes and Jason Moss:

“Teo’s Cockatoo” by Grace D. Chong and Beth Parrocha-Doctolero:

Aside from this online book campaign and book donation of Delighting Grace, I will be participating in Getting Paged’s campaign. Like my advocacy for literacy for kids, Getting Paged (a secular book blog) will have its NCBD Book Drop which is leaving children’s book in different places hoping someone may find it. If found, the finders are asked to post on Facebook or Twitter. Go check Getting Paged’s blog I’m so happy that they picked me to represent their book drop on Batangas City. So readers from Batangas City area, please tell your kids to keep an eye at those free children’s book. These award winning books are signed by the authors specifically for this event. Isnt that awesome. So help us spread the word about National Children’s Book Day as we reach children with literatures that will help them read. And as for Delighting Grace blog, we push that further by providing the ultimate need of every children on this planet, and that is God.


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