Book Review: Hopeful Parenting by David Jeremiah 

Its been said that coaching is a combination of instructing and encouraging. While we need instructions in playing the game, encouragement gets the big slice of the cake in coaching. “Hopeful Parenting” by David Jeremiah harps this kind of “coaching” for parents and would-be parents. Written by a seasoned pastor, this book drips with humbleness and care that only comes from that David Jeremiah.

Focusing not to only on the child who needs parenting, this book focuses on building up the confidence of every parents that will read this book. Somewhat stand alone-ish, Hopeful Parenting’s chapters offers different perspective in parenting like having a solid foundation, benefits of a Christian home, when your kids left the nest etc.

Hopeful Parenting is like building a brick wall. Of course, brick wall are not just all about bricks. Its has also other ingredients like cement, sand etc. This book layers the two ingredients that is the “how-tos” and the encouragement to make the right balance of both. The strength is on both ingredients. Both had a fair share treatment. Also inspiring stories (including one from John Piper) abound that adds color to this already powerful book.

The book ends with a chapter or should I say a letter to single parents which for me is uncoventional but the way David Jeremiah treats it, its a superb way of ending a great book.

All in all this book gives a fresh look on parenting. Please dont miss this one! Get you copy at your nearest CLC Bookshops or online


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