“Never Alone” Book Talk at OMF Lit

Five minutes late is not a good idea, especially when Rev. William Girao is giving a talk on his latest book titled “Never Alone” last April 12, 2014. We came to the OMF Lit shop at Boni. Ave and found ourselves with a bunch of folks already listening at the talk. His latest offering, “Never Alone” is about the beauty and grandeur of the Book of Revelation.

Revelation? What’s so beautiful and gradeur about the last book of the Bible you might ask?

That scary book about 666, Anti-Christ, tribulation, plagues, death, Judgment Day, Lake of Fire, etc. Hardly paints something pretty right?

So why do I call that book with a reputation like that? According to Rev. Girao, the Book of Revelation is not all about gloom and doom stuff to scare us but a book that will draw us to God’s hope. Actually the end time events on that book are incidentals, as Rev. Girao points out in the talk. If you will consider why and who the book is written you will see how awesome God is. The major emphasis is to comfort the persecuted Christians and tell them that even if thats their predicament, God is still in control. Revelation is about the Sovereignity of God.

We listen attentively as Ptr. William Girao cruise us to John the Beloved’s book. Well its John wrote the book but the source of it is from Jesus and the central theme of it is of course no other than Jesus. His people, the Christians has a part on this book. They are real heroes, main actors, and the VIP’s at the edge of history as Rev. Girao puts it. The believers are chosen and redeemed for the grand and eternal purpose, that is to gather people who will worship God through out eternity. Christians may be on the minority today but they will find out in the Book of Revelation that they are enumerable at God’s throne. They maybe persecuted for their belief on Christ but we should take comfort that God bring about justice. In fact, our prayers will bring judgment to earth.

In line with the sovereignity of God, Ptr. Girao states that in Revelation, God will get what He wants. His will will be fulfilled. It will be ireversable and irresistible victory from God. Further, Christ will be magnified in great splendor as He is presented as Lord of lords, King of Kings. Unlike His first visit on earth, Jesus will be coming back not a lowly baby or poor carpenter’s son but a conquering warrior. No wonder Ptr. Girao considers Revelations the most comforting book. And you should too! You can also find here about the power of the gospel, worship and many more! Makes you want to read Revelation again, right?

To finish his talk (which is powerful that you may call it preaching), Ptr. Girao admonished his listeners to look at Revelation as it makes significant emphasis on God and on how we treat God in ministry and personal life. He points out that let us not put God for the purpose of entertaining us, a slot machine that we get want we want, a formula for our personal success. Let us not trivialize God and worship. The Book of Revelation gives the proper place of God as worthy of our honor and praise that every Christian should know. Wow what an ending to this very awesome talk!

After a brief Q and A portion, we get to be up close and have our books signed by Ptr. Girao. I didnt get “Never Alone” (maybe some other day) but grab his book “Preaching With A Message” which caught my attention during the talk. Also Kevin DeYoung’s “Just Do Something”. My friend hurriedly got Ptr. Girao’s “Giving Up Is Not an Option” (which I was there on its book launch at the Manila International Book Fair 2012) and a book by John Maxwell. For her it will be her first time to read something from this prolific author. As Rev. Girao signs the book I thank him for the wonderful talk he gave. He in return thank me and talk about the book “Preaching With A Message” (which I will book review with “Just Do Something” by Kevin DeYoung).

If you enjoyed reading this article, I would like to encourage you to pick up a copy of “Never Alone” by Rev. William Girao. Also I would like to thank OMF Lit for this event and I hope to attend more of this next time. God bless all of us as we read and grow to know more about Christ! Happy reading guys!



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