Book Review: Just Do Something By Kevin DeYoung

Finally a book that will make you run to an open space and scream on top of your lungs. “Freedom at last!” Yes freedom indeed. Freedom to the never ending question every Christian has been pondering: What is God’s will for my life?

“Just Do Something” blows the conventional way of thinking of so many Christians about finding God’s will which according to DeYoung is simple and not so difficult to look for. First, Ptr. Kevin clearly gives the three kinds of will of God. Then he points out the five reasons why we fret about God’s will. After that, he listed why the conventional approach wont work and strike them all down.

“Just Do Something” brings us back to Matthew 6:33 and reinforce it like we never had it before. In the latter part of the book, he lead us to hold on God’s wisdom in what we want to pursue which really matters in knowing God’s will. Finishing this book will give you a feeling of relieve that God’s will is not “Where’s Waldo?” cartoon. Yes you can know God’s will!

A never to miss book on God’s will, “Just Do Something” will get you gear on action to do what God intents us to do. This short book packs up some biblical and truly practical lessons for us Christians who are seeking God’s will. Its readable and you’ll love share it with someone. Highly recommended. Prepare for liberation. “Just Do Something” is here!












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