Book Review: Taking God Seriously by Stuart Briscoe

Lately, my Bible reading has taken me through the Old Testament particularly the Minor Prophets. As I meditate to these books I was amazed on how the Holy Spirit reveals to me important lessons from God. One might say that those books are filled with prophetic messages and God’s anger. But if you will dig deeper and prayerfully read to the books you’ll be amazed like me to find doctrine, salvation, Christian living abound in every pages of the Minor Prophets. So please dont neglect reading those books.

In “Taking God Seriously”, Stuart Briscoe painstakingly unpacks the message of who God really is and what Christians should do about it not in Romans or Psalms but in the Minor Prophets section. Yes! Make no mistake about it. As Briscoe puts it on the introduction, Minor Prophets does not correspond minor significance.

Christians have you ask yourself if you are truly serious about God and if you’re truly serving Him faithfully? Many of us are thinking God is good (which He is), but do you know that God is jealous and angry if we focus more on what the world can offer and forgetting Him. But God is patient and he gives us opportunity to make our path right and reject our evil deeds. God is exactly enough for us, and with that we should be in focus to Him and his will to us.

The book reminds me of Vernon McGee and Warren Weirsbe commentary of the the Bible. If you enjoy devouring works of those two prolific authors this book will find a place in your heart. Briscoe’s insights is easy to read but will plunge you to a deeper understanding on taking God’s business seriously.

You might find it hard to pronounce names like Habakkuk, Zephaniah or Obadiah, but this book by Stuart Briscoe will spell it out what God wants from your life.


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