The Gospel at Home: Delighting Grace Interviews Matthew B. Sims

I got all excited when NoiseTrade, that popular website that offers free and legal album downloads, rolled its offering of free e-books. So I did a book downloading spree from that website. What I didn’t expect is to download a great book titled “A Household Gospel” from Matthew B. Sims. Not only that I get to read it but I got connect with Matthew through Facebook. We got to chat about his married life, the gospel and his book “A Household Gospel”.

Delighting Grace: Hi Matthew, before you got married and had a family, what did you in preparing for that chapter in your life?

Matthew SimsWhat I did was read a dozen or so books. Looking back, I wouldn’t recommend doing that. It’s information over load and a lot of is overly idealistic. I had no idea practically that marriage would be so hard. Maybe I ignored people telling me this, but I just don’t remember hearing this a lot. Marriage is a practice in mortification of sin.

Delighting Grace: What are the impact that you had when you entered the married life?

Matthew Sims: The biggest impact has been my understanding of repentance. I think it’s Luther that says that all of the Christian life is repentance. Within any home that’s more true than ever. Sinners living in closer quarters with other sinners. Daily sinning and daily in need of repentance. You get that rhythm of repentance in your home whether you’re married or living with a roommate and you’re not far off from a household gospel.

Delighting Grace: In your book “A Household Gospel” you point out as the title suggest, we should apply the gospel for our families. Many Christians has this thinking that its our pastors duty to preach the gospel or Christian living to them and family will just do some devotionals. Whats your comment on that?

Matthew Sims: That’s a great question. It’s important to find a church where the pastors is preaching the gospel, but if your view of your responsibility is limited to reading a devotional in Our Daily Bread than your sanctification will likely be stunted. I talk about this in the book, I believe in chapter 3, but we must see what we do in church (gathered community) as preparing us for rehearsing the gospel in our daily life as we are scattered. That means we must actively engage God in all aspects of our life and actively rehearse the gospel from the moment we wake up to the moment we lie down.

Delighting Grace: Reading your book “A Household Gospel” I find it biblical and very personal. You gave yourself in every page of the book. How was the process of writing the book?

Matthew Sims: It was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done. If I’m honest, if I knew how difficult it was going to be I’m not sure I would have had the courage to even start the project. Thankfully God gives grace and strength. We also have gifts with talents and skills as His image bearers. The most difficult thing for me was making sure I was satisfied with the quality (from writing to design) of the book. Technology has made self publishing so easy.

Delighting Grace: You wrote the book specifically for the family in understanding and applying the gospel. I’m single right now and I want to know what are the benefits of it to me if a pick up your book?

Matthew Sims: This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions I get. A Household Gospel is geared towards families, but the core principle is something every believer should implement in their life. For singles, you must still make certain that the gospel is at the center of our daily life. Even though you may not have a family yet to take care of, you still have your own spiritual health and also friends and family that you can rehearsing the gospel with and that’s no less important.

Delighting Grace: Many Christian fathers may be reading your book and having problems with their teenager oson or daughter. So is it too late for them to apply what you have shared in the book? What are the advice you can give to those people in those situation?

Matthew Sims: Not at all. It’s never too late. The most important thing would be to stop and repent. Undoubtedly as sinners, there’s been sin committed both ways. Unequivocally and without expectation of reciprocation humble yourself in front of your kids and repent of the sin you have committed–even if it’s small. Tell them you love them no matter what and share how God is changing your own heart.  Practice this regularly with your not only this family member, but also your other family members. Last, just ask the Spirit boldly to change hearts.

Delighting Grace: So please invite our readers to pick up your first book “A Household Gospel” and check out your blog?

Matthew Sims: I’d be happy for any of you to pick up “A Household Gospel”. My hope is to help people expand their vision for how the gospel intersects with your daily life. It’s an focus I’ve found missing in my church experience and from the feedback I’ve received I think others are resonating with that as well. My home blog is I do weekly book reviews so if you’re an avid reader you’ll definitely want to stop by. My goal is just to help Christians find books that are solid and save you some footwork in finding them. I also talk a lot about the gospel from a big picture point of view.

Delighting Grace: Thank you Matthew for your time. The book as I have said is available at NoiseTrade. If you enjoyed this interview and your craving for more please get his book. Be sure to leave a tip. Also his blog is something to check out. I definitely gonna visit often. So whether it be on book or blog, enjoy what Matthew is dishing out.

Marianito “Nitoy” Gonzales is a 34 years old introvert who’s passion is to proclaim the bad news about God. He’s a goverment employee but his church and digital life is more colorful for because of Christ. You can reach him at his Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.


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