5 Signs Blogging is For You

So you got interested in blogging and wanna try it out but afraid that is not your turf. Well check out the following signs that will enlighten you and answer the question: Is blogging for me?

1.) You got something to show the world – whether its writing book review or your beach photography, as long as you are willing to show it to the world, blogging may fit like hand in glove to you.

2.) For you passion and enthusiasm matters the most – if your in it to make money then sad to say blogging is not for you. Passion and enthusiasm is the driving force of blogging. Profit comes the last.

3.) You can give your time for your blog – committment is one character a blogger must possess. He or she must post atleast once or twice a week. Also be ready for interactions of your readers whether it be on your blog or social media. Learn to tune your blog apperance and know widgets that will add flair on your blog.

4.) You are willing to learn more about blogging – reading books or blogs about writing, blogging, SEO, etc. will not just help you blog better but easier.

5.) You want to enjoy something different – Blogging is a hobby which you can draw in some fun. You can meet new friends, eat or travel to new places, go to blogging events and get some perks. But personality, it enhance you in writing and speaking that can be useful. Now, is blogging for you?

Any more signs you might add to the list. Please reply it on the comment section.

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Marianito “Nitoy” Gonzales is a 34 years old introvert who’s passion is to proclaim the bad news about God. He’s a goverment employee but his church and digital life is more colorful for because of Christ. You can reach him at his Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.


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