Book Review: Resisting Gossip by Matthew C. Mitchell

I would like to give a two thumbs up to CLC Philippines for putting out this book. Why you might ask? I give two reasons. One, the author is in Calvinist camp via CCEF (Christian Counseling and Education Foundation) and WTS ( Westminster Theological Seminary). If you are benefiting from authors and counselors like Winston Smith, Ed Welch, David Powlison (my personal favorite) and Tim Lane, you will definately love Pastor Matthew. Second, the topic is very relevant specially to a culture that doesnt stop talking.

Mitchell define gossip as: Sinful gossip is bearing bad news behind someone’s back out of a bad heart. He breakdown the topic into small bits to make it easily to understand to the readers. This book tackles the very essence of gossip from recognizing, resisting, responding and regretting . Saturated with Scripture references and with a pastor’s heart to give hope for those who are gossiping, this book is a winner for those of us who wants to stop this destructive sin. Instead of gossiping, Mitchell tells us to edify believers by speaking well of them or pray for them because God is the only one that change us and truly judge us.

Picking up this book their are two things that brought to mind. One, is the familiar verse of James 3 that we should tame our tongue let it now spew evil things. Second, the book by Jerry Bridges title “Respectable Sins” (which I havent read) that points our sins we tend to overlook as a Christian. If you thought of that too, well “Resisting Gossip” is the embodiment of that. So do get a copy of this book not that you are a gossip or your a gossiping church but a well outline battle plan in combatting the untamed tongue. Get this book at your nearest CLC, PCBS or National Bookstore or online at

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