CLC Book Review Round Up 3

Before we unwrapped a new batch of books from CLC Philippines, its good that we put our gears in reverse. Lets look back at book reviews that you might have missed and should check out. If you like what we have featured, please do buy a copy at the nearest CLC Bookstore or you can buy it online at Not convinced? Think about this list of things you will missed out if you dont buy a Christian book:

1. You’ll missed out a chance to spiritually grow.
2. You’ll missed out a chance to help someone get to know Christ.
3. You’ll missed out the chance to build up your local church.
4. You’ll missed out the opportunity to spread the gospel by buying a book.

See what you’ll missed? Convinced now? I hope so. Well here are the books reviews you might have missed:

Mentoring Conversation by Herman A. Moldez

102 Fascinating Bible Studies by Preston A. Taylor

Understanding Your Bible in 15 Minutes A Day by Daryl Aaron

God’s Answers to Life’s Questions

Life on Purpose for Women by J. M. Farro

Changed in His Likeness by Watchman Nee

Working Successfully With Screwed-Up People By Elizabeth B. Brown

One Church, Four Generations by Gary L. McIntosh

What Does the Lord Require? by Walter C. Kaiser Jr.

You might also check out Round Up 1 and Round Up 2….Enjoy!!!!

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