Book Review: What Does the Lord Require? by Walter C. Kaiser Jr.

I can place biblical ethics into two things. One, it is a sticky topic, since the Bible is somewhat silent or unclear in some issues under morality. Two, the most asked questions comes from this area. So the usual response will be either ignore it, compromise it and be a legalist. Though their are many response, one result the will be on everybody’s mind will be that Bible is not relevant to the 21 st century.

“What Does the Lord Require?” focuses on the sticky topics related to Christian ethics. This book will unglue you to those situation and see it in a biblical perspective. From relational (cohabitation, adultery), stewardship (environment, financial), law (civildisobedience, capital punishment), media (entertainment, pornography), health (stem cell research, genetic engineering) etc; all pack in this one great volume. You dont need to check one or two books, you can get it all here. A no nonsense book that feed you biblical response not only to give you answers but also helps you teach it. Kaiser’s experience in classroom and church setting is indistinguishable while reading the book. That means this book will work in any settings.

What so great about this book, Kaiser provided an ready-to-preach outline for pastors and preachers so they can communicate it easily to the church. The indexes are accommodating to readers who wants to find specific topics.

This is great book for the church to digest and for unbelievers who ask questions. More than a guide book to pastors, Christian professionals working in teaching environment will benefit from this book. Well arranged and well written, a clean cut book that you should place in your study table. Highly recommended.

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