Book Review: One Church, Four Generations by Gary L. McIntosh

On this expanded and revised book, McIntosh brings to light on how the church reaches different groups within the church. Well if Im not mistaken the apostle Paul have discuss this in terms of their position or role in the church. He pointed them on how to deal the young generation and how to built them up as the body of Christ. This book however discuss a bit similar approach by looking to different generations that eventually shapes the church. The generations are categorized in four namely, Builders, Boomers, Busters and Bridgers. Gary McIntosh throughly examines these groups by their qualities, what they value, their interest influenced by national events and fads. In short, whatever influence they had will eventually influence the church as a whole. And the church needs to cater to the needs of these groups. Not only that but also how will the church may make use of their gifts for the glory of God. By the end of this book, what was thought as a gulf of differences between these group can actually be blend in together to create a harmonious relationship to build up a church. Church leaders this is a book you should consider.

One might think that this book may not be applicable on Filipino readers because of it reeks the America culture. With a careful study one will find a counterpart for the Pinoy. Say the Busters, MTV Generation or Generation X (my generation) which can be compared to Martial Law Babies. As I read the part, I could say that McIntosh did his job. He knows what my generations expect the church to do and how we might get involve to the mission of the church to the world.

A good reference tool for the church not just to understand the people within the church but those unchurched individuals. I dont agree to some of the strategies to win these people to Christ but I do get an idea on what to do on how to share the gospel to them. This book is non-technical and non theological in approach which means its easy for you to digest. Churches who are clueless on how to engage these generation might try to take a peak on this unique book.

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