Book Review: Changed Into His Likeness By Watchman Nee

Have you notice when you read the Old Testament, we often read the line “God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob”. I think knowing them in those days is foundational to a radical life God wants his chosen people to live. Over and over again, God reminds His people the goodness and promises He brought to them because of the three giants of faith. In the New Testament however, it was rarely mentioned. Not that it favors our popular notion that we should concentrate only to the New Testament and not to the Old Testament because its not applicable to the Christians. Well not so.

In this collection of messages bound into a great book, Watchman Nee focuses on the three patriarch to view a godly and practical life Christians should follow. Follow Nee and how he unfold the life of these men from their transformation and faithful walk with God. All are radical and life changing which Christians should take hold on to. From men of faith to a nation under God, we see how their victories and failures become building blocks of a fortress God intended to built. The lessons that we will from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is first and foremost, knowing God is sovereign over the lives of his redeemed people.

Checking the book, it covers different areas of being a Christian from being called, the privileges of being in Christ and being molded by God into what He intended us to be. Watchman Nee opens the book of an undeserving sinner being called and ends in with an undeserving sinner being conformed to God’s will. Truly reading this book will give you a step by step perspective on how God deals with the Christian. In the end, you will see not only what Christians should do to have a perfect obedience to His Creator but the grace and mercy God bestows to us as He patiently deals with us.

A challenge for building up an individual Christian or a chuch as a whole, “Changed Into His Likeness” delivers the “brink by brink” lessons to everyone who is called and to live the Christian life.

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