The One Who Flew over The Adarna House?

How about a 15 minute bliss of children’s book? I came to the Adarna House “Book Sale and Book Signing” last December 7, pass 4 o clock.

The Adarna House showroom is a small place. Well to have 30 illustrator and writers jam pack plus horde of customers in that place will be standing room only. But there are a good amount of people inside and I said to myself that I can avail the freebies.

Since this is a 15 minute fiasco, I have to get the discounted book and avail of my freebies (the “Ang Pambihirang Buhok ni Raquel” limited edition notebook is cool). I browse over shelf after shelf. Look over the writers and artist as they accommodate their fans and chatting away the time among their colleagues . So I check out the writers and illustrators name tag, I can’t find it on the display shelves. So I realize that I have to go to the counter and ask the clerk for the books I’m looking for. The last one that caught my eye was the one I inquire to the counter. He was a jolly guy and I think its fun reading his stuff. And it was a sovereign thing from God (which I thought later). I told the clerk ” What books by Luis Gatmaitan do you carry?” To which she replied “Ang Pambirang Buhok ni Raquel and Ang Ambisyosong Istetiskop, Sir.” So I ask for 2 copies of “Buhok ni Raquel” and 1 copy of “Istetiskop”. Then in exchange she gave a food stub and the limited edition notebook. Because my time is short, I proceed to get the books signed.

So I interrupted (politely) Dr. Luis among his colleagues. He warmly gave me a hand shake. Then at that point I realized that I know Luis Gatmaitan over Facebook. As Tito Dok was signing the books I break the silence by striking a conversation:

“Your are Christian, right?”

“Yes I’m” he said “I use to host a radio program over DZAS.”

“What church do you worship?”

“I go to a Christian group now but I use to go to a independent Methodist church. And you?”

“I worship at a Baptist church in Batangas. I’m also a preacher.”

He ask “Are you a pastor?”

“I’m not a pastor Tito Dok. Still praying for God’s will for that matter.”

I added “Children’s book looks easy and simple to produce book but I read somewhere that its hard to write or even to penetrate to the market. Is that true Tito Dok?”

“Well Yes. You have to consider many things like the culture, psychology, language etc.”

“Doesn’t Adarna House publish Christian books?”

He affirms “Yes but its a different group. But OMF has Hiyas which publishes children’s book with a Christian bent. I also have books published under Hiyas.”

“I know Hiyas, Tito Dok. Do you know Robert Magnuson and Marlene Legaspi Munar?”

“Yes I do. They are from OMF.” He smiles broadly. Then we had our picture and that moment was so amazing meeting well recognized author. It took a while to sink in to me.

Before I took flight to the final itinerary, I indulged with the free hotdogs, tacos, buttered corn, ice cream and sago’t gulaman as treats for the first 100 people coming to the event. Yummy! And all that under 15 minutes!


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