Book Review: 102 Fascinating Bible Studies by Preston A. Taylor

So far CLC Philippines is releasing books that has a Question and Answer format that is relevant and useful for the Christian. “God’s Answers for Life’s Questions” and “Understanding Your Bible In 15 Minutes A Day” great tools to have an indepth view on various Christian topics. And to add to the line of handy reference tool is “102 Fascinating Bible Studies”.

OK when this book says “fascinating” it doesnt mean bizarre or trivial stuff out of the Bible that will make you jaw drop. Fascinating because this collection of 102 studies from the Bible has sundry of topics to choose from. In alphabetical order the topics ranges from doctrine, discipleship, apologetics, deity of Christ, end times, encouragement and more. Fascinating because you will get smorgasbord of important lesson, you wont be stuck in just one topic and you wont neglect significant things that God want you to know and help you grow. Fascinating indeed!

Enjoy it as personal and small group study (as the book suggest). “102 Fascinating Bible Studies” calls the Christians to look at the Bible not as the latest “Guinness Book of Records” but a timeless book containing eternal truths for us to digest.

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