Book Review: Life on Purpose For Women by J. M. Farro

“Life on Purpose For Women” is one book included in the bestselling “Life on Purpose” series by author J.M. Farro. It dishes out meditations and Farro’s personal experience to add more flavor to this book. Well this is a devotional but not the typical “365 day” stuff. Actually, the entries are not dated so you might as well consider every entries as chapters of this book. You can read it even you dont use it for you quite time.

“Life on Purpose For Women” sends a message that God created us for a purpose. We need our life to be useful and live everyday for God. In our life many struggles, temptations and trials that comes in our way. To be a successful Christian we need to ask for God’s guidance, wisdom and courage. God wants us to be satisfied and be content for what we have, and He want us to seek first God daily.

The book reminds us that God will provide and He knows whats best for us. We need to wait for God’s will. Just trust Him because He is powerful and nothing compares to what He can provide us. So now, we need to decide and choose to “live everyday for a better purpose…that is God’s purpose.”

What stands out and I’m praying that it will make an impact with everyone is the part which says “we can live without the things in this world but we can’t live without God.”

Make your quite time abiding on a purpose that God wants us to have. Have this book handy not just for devotional but for a pleasureful spiritual read.

8 thoughts on “Book Review: Life on Purpose For Women by J. M. Farro

  1. Nitoy, thanks so much for reviewing my Life On Purpose book for Women. It is very encouraging for me to read how the Lord has used this book to minister to you. May the Lord bless you and use you in new and exciting ways for His glory! Sincerely in Christ ~ J. M. Farro

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