Komikon 2013: Keeping My Childhood Alive Part 2

As I turn and walk away from the Betamaks booth, it went like BAM! Elbert Or, artist and editor of the comic series Cast, is over the opposite booth! So approach him while on his table are his latest creations which is also cool. He is a little bit reserved, but neverthless he is nice. As I introduce myself, I showed the Cast comicbook and asked for his John Hancock, his partner exclaimed “Wow Vintage!”, referring to the comic I was holding. As always an photo op before I say goodbye.

By the way, aside from the Yolanda fund raising, this years Komikon has something extra sweet for us comicbook fans. Indie films Blue Bustamante amd Graveyard Bandits was featured. Also Akademi Samali a comic community from Indonesia joined in the fun. Then the Philippine International Creative Content and Arts (PICCA) is in attendance to conduct workshops and film screening for members and other participants. Awesomely cool!

Now back to my story. I’m search mode for Stephen Segorvia and as Jamie Bautista mentioned he is at the Komik Kalye (at the other room). So I made my way to the conference room to where both the Komiks Tiangge and Komik Kalye is located. The indie komiks booth are few compare to the Summer Komikon and I cant even distinguish which is Komiks Tiangge or Komik Kalye. Looking for Sir Stephen, I resort to ask people out to make it easier. Someone told me that he will definately be at the Komikon but later the day. But I dont have all day (because I’ll be at the Lopez Museum and Library at 2:00 PM). So I drool over the rest of the Komiks Tiangge till I notice guy at the corner. “Could he be?” I ask myself. Well I do got a reply but suddenly Mr. Introvert (my alter ego) sets in and It takes a few minutes pull myself together and ask bravely this guy.”Kayo po ba si Jun Dayo?” and he replied “Yes ako po nga”. Whoa! Jun Dayo, the legendary Funny Komiks writer and illustrator. “Sinusubaybayan ko po kayo sa Funny Komiks” I told him. “Ah Funny Komiks…”,then he handled me a bookbind of old Funny Komiks. Super cool. So I grab one comic on his table and had it signed. “Ano ang ilalagay kong name? Sa Wazzup Pilipinas ba?”. He was looking at my media pass. “Ay hindi po, Nitoy ang ilagay ninyo…” I said in which he exclaimed “Ah ikaw pala si Nitoy!” Yes he remembers me a day after that commenting on a post from him on Facebook. Before I bid goodbye I told Sir Jun Dayo,”Sir Jun, thank you for completing my childhood…” with a warm handshake to a comicbook legend.

Before I take flight to go to Lopez Museum and Library and go broke, I remember someone who I want to meet. He is a guest artist on the 2013 Summer Komikon. He is an award winning author in children’s book categories. Recently, I have this fixation to children’s book specially the Christian ones. It took me 5 minutes to look for his table. As I was possessed by Mr. Introvert, I had a glimpse of how he will deal with me. He is quite funny and kind as he talks to his visitors. I took his toddler book and his comicbook to be signed. So I introduce myself and told him I represent Wazzup Pilipinas. As he is was signing I ask “Sir are you a Christian?” He face suddenly brightens and told me he is. “How about you are you a Christian?” I replied “Yes I am. I go to a Baptist church.” He said he and his wife goes to a born again church and he leads a Bible study at work (he later added). He also introduce me to one of his buddy who both of them are part of Cadre, a Christian comic writers and illustrator group. After the photo op I ask if I could interview him for my blog. He answered yes. So guys watch out for that interview, only here in Delighting Grace featuring Robert Magnuson!

Hope you enjoyed this post and till next years Komikon. If you like, lets tag along for an adventure in komiks.


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