Book Review: God’s Answers For Life’s Questions

Talk about being biblical, this book is really biblical. Why? No pop psychology, no quick fix and no pragmatic methods. Just pure Bible verses to the inquiring heart. “God’s Answers For Life’s Questions ” reminds me of the book series “Bible Promises for…” from Harbour Books which contains verses for a specific individual. This however, covers lots of grounds plus it uses multiple Bible version for a more clearer understanding of God’s Word. You might ask, why do I need to buy a book containing Bible verses when I can buy a Bible instead? Well you can do that but by just opening a Bible you cant find the specific answers to your questions. This book will help you with that.

The book is has lots of questions but are specifically categorized in 7 chapters namely, “How Can I Know You, God?”, “I Need Some Advice, Can You Help Me?”, “What Is The Secret of A Good Relationship?”, “I Want To Be A Better Parent”, “Please Help Me Parent My Child”, “As A Young Person, I Have Some Questions About Relationships” and “Can You Help Me With These Challenges?” So it has a variety of questions for everyone.

This book is very helpful to all people who has many questions in life. We will see the instruction of God to our lives in every pages. Read God’s promises to all, the prayer that we need to do and the biblical examples that will help us give the answers to our questions.

With a beautiful cover and layout this book is a perfect gift to unbelievers, old and new to the faith as well. This will reinforce you to look to the Bible for answers and value the power of the Scriptures more. Highly recommended!

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