Book Review: Mentoring Conversations by Herman A. Moldez

Finally, a home grown book from CLC Philippines! At first I thought with such appetizing book cover, its another book from an international author. But I was mistaken (dont judge the book by its cover, dont forget). And also the content which is overflowing with wisdom and biblical insights from Moldez. A well done, very thought out book that needs readers who really wants to follow Christ and mean it.

A discipleship/mentoring book with a a serious business to live out Christ. The chapters are short but meaty in biblical lessons. The highlight of of each chapter is at every end. Sort of a dig deeper section of the chapter.

As you read the book you wont see the distinction that this is written by a Filipino author which is great. Now we can see local books that can be at par to its foreign counterparts. Yes we could dish out high quality Christian books. Kudos to Ptr. Moldez and CLC!

Nevertheless I have a few comments on the book. Many readers will look for a paternal flavor all over “Mentoring Conversations”. If you are looking for something that has a William Girao or Isabelo Maralit appeal to it, you won’t find it here. Its a bit stiff and lacks of coziness. Another is I hope they will do this in the coming edition of this book is to have a more indepth emphasis over the end part of the chapters. An appendix with tips and advice on how to effectively facilitate the lessons and some answering sheet will do alot. But don’t get me wrong. Don’t let that bit of criticism from me stop you from buying the book and benefit from it.

This book is brimful of biblical and engaging content and thats a thumbs up for me. I would like to say to not look for any other book for discipleship/mentoring. This is the real deal.

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