5 Indispensable Truths Youth Leaders or Pastors Must Know

For those youth pastors or leaders these are some truths I’ve learn in just a few years as a youth leader in our church. They always reinforce me to seek God and depend more to Him in ministry:

  1. You can’t please everyone- there is only one you should please and that’s our living God. Be an audience of one today.
  2. Problems won’t go away – Problems upon problems may come to your ministry but Christ is always there for you.
  3. Your identity is not your ministry – Christ is your identity and what He has accomplished for you as his follower.
  4. People change – that is a very true. Some will give you headaches; some will leave you and go back to you. But be sure God’s promises will not.
  5. Don’t forget your personal time with God – don’t sacrifice your personal dealings with God in the altar of ministry. It is the most essential thing to be able to have a strong standing before God.

Anything you can add to the list? Please use the comment section.


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