Komikon 2013: Keeping My Childhood Alive Part 1

Growing up reading Funny Komiks, Marvel comics, Manga and having a Jack Chick comic phase (ugh!) Im a big fan of comics.Through the years, I still love art form that still amazes and spellbind the kid in me. Thanks to Komikon, the event doesn’t just keeps Pinoy comics alive but also my childhood as well.

Now on its 9th year, Komikon gathers the local and international comicbook artist and writers celebrate this art form. It is a place the fans meet comic creators which is so awesome. Up and coming comics and their creators showcase what they got to soon to be fans. The event has this talks or seminars to further salivate comic enthusiast. And of course comicbooks from indie, local, imported, vintage and original artworks are for sale as well as other comic related merchandize. Games and prizes abound during the event. Komikon is an annual event and helds its activities at Bayanihan Center Pasig City.

This year, is my second time (I have gone to this years Summer Komikon), and this time it a special one. The artist and writers are raising funds for the victims of Super-Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan. So the sales will go to that cause. Awesome! And with that comes my special “mission” to that event.

I met Jamie Bautista the creator of Cast over Facebook and he is selling some of his creations. Get this, 100% of the sales will go to the typhoon victim. He was selling 3 types comicbooks but one struck me is the complete set of Cast (thats issues #0-11). I saw this comic series way back 2004, when I don’t have a job and having financial constrains so I wasn’t able to buy it. I really want it! So I asked Jaime to reserve me a set and I’ll pick it up at Komikon. He replied positively.

At the event, after getting my media pass and the event catalog, I immediately look for Jamie Bautista, who is busy entertaining fans over his booth. So I introduce myself and he hand over me the much coveted Cast comicbooks. I requested to had it signed (every comics). He is so nice and his partner in the booth both even help take off the plastic cover of the books. Before I go I inquire about Ronin Core (the illustrator of Cast) and he said it Stephen Segorvia artwork. Stephen is feature at the Komik Kalye so he will be at Komikon. So I set to meet him and have it signed also. After a photo op, I said goodbye and off to meet Elbert Or.

Looking for Elbert Or is a little bit hard because of the crowd at Komikon (proving many still loves comics). Passing to different booths (or tables) I saw Pol Medina Jr., Gerry Alaguilan and Andrew Villar of Ambush Comics. I stumble upon a booth of Betamaks, a group of young and great artist selling lovely bookmarks and postcard. I really love the artwork so I took one postcard by Kris Kang for me and a bookmark by Jason Sto. Domingo for a youngster friend of mine. I also request their signatures and had photos with them as well.

(Part 2 coming soon)


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