Book Review: Working Successfully With Screwed-Up People By Elizabeth B. Brown

Receiving this book from CLC Philippines gives me the impression that CLC is well rounded in delivering books for every angle of the Christian life. Books that really hits home is something for us to consider.

“Working Successfully With Screwed-Up People” is that kind of book that hits home because it is essential for Christians who works in whatever organization he or she is in. Working for nearly a decade I can attest that I met lots of folks with “different strokes”. And its not a walk in the park. This is were this book comes in.

As the book states this is not a management or management book so you wont expect its another John Maxwell or Ken Blanchard type. As the title suggest its to handle those nutty co-workers of yours who not just wreck your day but gives you a take home stress too. But as I examine the content, I might say that I read this stuff before or some are common sense answers. Nevertheless, this book gives are no holds barred look and more at relationships in a working environment. Still it has great advices that will equip you at work.

If this book make you think that this will further “fix” those people who wont budge, think again. The gun is aimed also you. Forgiving, saying sorry, personal biases etc., gives you a dose of reality that maybe your the one who needs to compromise. It adds that you should examine if this is the work for you or you should throw in the towel so to speak.

The content is easy to read and digest. Chapters are short but weighty on advice after advice of getting along with hard nut people. As if its not enough, Chapter 22 contains Q and A ‘s to further nibble on.

If it weren’t published by CLC its easy to dismiss this as a secular book (Brown’s book has minimal reference to the Bible). If you’re an aficionado on secular personal management or a drizzle of psychology you’ll probably drop this. But for us who are not, this is a fitting guidebook for those Christians who are just staring to work in a corporate settings or a “been there, done that” person.


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