4 Things Books That You Give Say about You

Previously I listed down the 3 things books that you receive say about you, now let’s turn the tables by listing 4 things books you gave as gifts say about you.

  1. You’re an advocate- in reading Christian books that is. You are a sort of advocate for people who are not interested in reading but by giving a book you are saying they should read.
  2. You’re a ministry supporter – you shape and uphold potential church leaders and new comers in the ministry not just giving financially but by sending them a book on leadership or church planting. These people will thank you for what you have done to them.
  3. You’re an investor – business and properties are not just the ones we should invest but people’s potential. This is the fruit of number 2, that you will see Christians gain a deep conviction of their calling and how their plans for the future fits perfectly with God’s will. In the end everyone will benefit this investment you have given to this brother in Christ.
  4. You’re a cheerer – you give books for those who need encouragement when they are down and lonely. It speaks volumes without saying a word in a well chosen book how God is in control in the life of a Christian.

Anything you might like to add? Is there a number 5?


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