Pinoy Christians, Do You Read? Part 1

. You might have heard it on TV or read it online about the survey conducted by the National Book Development Board (NBDB) last 2012. It’s “The 2012 NBDB Readership Survey” which, according to their official publication Bookwatch, “is the most comprehensive study on the reading habits of the Filipino adults” (Bookwatch July-December 2012 pg. 10). So in this post we will look at some interesting stats on the said survey and I’ll give my opinion on this with of course a Christian perspective. And as we go along I would like to address the Filipino Christians (me included) on various issues that will I would raise.

According to the survey, 88% or 49.2 million Filipino adult in the country reads. It is a sad (and continuing) decline from 92% in 2007 and 94% in 2003 (on the same survey conducted in those year). So Filipinos are loosing the habit of reading. Reading is the most indispensable tool in learning. Many leaders and influential people that change the world are readers. Do you want to lead? Then read! After all its not all about power, experience and resource we empower ourselves but also accumulating knowledge that will comes from reading. If this thread will continue expect that it will really affect us.

Christians how’s your reading habit? Does your reading confined only on devotional time or is the time allotted for such activity consumed by Facebook or Twitter? You might have some valid reason not to read but giving just a little minute of it everyday helps you in your Christian life. Another thing, are you helping other Christians read? Encouraging members of the church do help not just to furnish his comprehension on a language or to acquire certain skills but to elevate our spiritual growth. Inspire your brothers and sisters in Christ to love books.


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