Book Review: Daylight by Andrew Kuyvenhoven

CLC is not running out of great devotional to publish for the Christian. Just when you think you have the devotionals from Oswald Chambers and Chuck Swindoll, here comes another stand out. Enter Daylight by Andrew Kuyvenhoven. It’s a 366 daily devotional readings that will surely start your day with God.

As I check out the entries of this devotional, this wont be just an appetizer for your spiritual breakfast. Kuyvenhoven will serve you a hefty meal of the Word of God. This is not just a “one day one inspiration” turf of pop Christianity. This is more of a sermon stuff in a concise manner. I can visualized Kuyvenhoven going to the pulpit to deliver these messages. So you get a sermon per day in this book. And because the author is Reformed, prepare for deep understanding and meditation of God’s Word. Also let me add that every month has certain theme which I find odd but for me a very radical thing for a devotional. This should also be read like a book, but for its purpose a daily intake of this classic devotional will set the pace for the whole day.

This updated version is as fresh as 30 years it was published and gone in ten printings and I’m highly recommending it to Christians who wants more in their quite time. Straight forward, biblically solid and tackles topics that is essential to the believers this devotional is worth waking up and seeking God.

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