5 Awesome Ways to Seize the Day

Squeeze the juice on this great day to the last drop. Here are five ideas to do it:

  1. Start and end with God – Learn to have a devotion or quite time from the One who made everything for you.  Make it a habit to have your meditation in the morning and evening.
  2. Know your priorities – do the important things today. Meet deadlines. Do what you promise to accomplish.
  3. Give your best – heart and soul pour it out in everything you do. In big or small things it will really count if everyone will see the best from you. It will not just make your day great but everything you did will be superbly satisfying to you because you did it from the heart.
  4. Strive to live one day at a time- listen to Matthew 6: 34. God’s provision for today is enough to last for the day and give to God your worries about tomorrow.
  5. Smile and say Hello – Brighten others by putting that winning smile and start greeting people with great morning jump starter words.


Any more hooray for today tips?



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