5 Cool Ways to Bring Out the Zest in Everyone

Whether they are newcomers or a matured Christian, we need to bring out the very best in them so that they can influence others and be a part of God’s growing family. So here are some you can do today for that someone:


  1. Encourage them to bring out their gifts and talents – they might be shy but brimful of talents that can be of use in God’s Kingdom. Strike an encouraging talk and help them find their place in the ministry.
  2. Invest time in fellowship – Not just in church settings but outside. Eating, playing or just taking a road trip when done together makes an impact to people.
  3. Show them the promises of God – Open the Bible and let God’s Word talk to them about His great promises to them when they seek to obey and follow His will.
  4. Let them do things on their own – you don’t always have to be on their side. Give them a task and watch them take off on their own.
  5. Tell them the gospel – Point to a person the need to be saved and God’s plan for their destiny.

Is there a number 6? Please put it on the comment…


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