Book Review: A Table In The Wilderness by Watchman Nee

When you hear the name Watchman Nee what comes to your mind? Probably an oriental sage with mysterious teachings only the chosen few can understand. Or a Chinese version of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who in became a hero after he was killed. Or for some, he is completely unknown. But checking this book of his titled “A Table In The Wilderness” you wont just get fun size of his teachings but a sumptuous meal for the soul.

This is Watchman Nee’s devotional book drawn from his writings (like many of his books). The entries are short but packed with spiritual insights that will challenge and bless the believer every time he opens this book. Nee constantly reminds us in this book that Christians should seek God, know who we are in Him, heed His warnings and the privilege we have in knowing Him. “A Table In The Wilderness” is written for the Christians daily walk in Christ.

This book can be likely compared to “My Utmost for His Highest” but with a deeper personal touch. Sampling some of its entry, we can almost find “I”, “we” etc., pertaining to Nee as he injects personal experiences and struggles. Its a combination of meditation of the Word of God and sort of diary like writing that makes this devotional uniquely delightful for readers. You will truly be bless by this book as you read it for your quite time.

Turn every page of this devotional daily and you will be captivated by God’s message and Nee’s personal account. Highly recommend for believers who wont settle for snack food spirituality. Prepare to feast on this.

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