Adventures at the MIBF 2013 Part 2

Now with fellow blogger and Christian friend, Dems Angeles of My Kind of Perfect, we are up and ready to check the booths. As for me, this will be my 3rd lurk de France in the bookfair, but I might missed something. As I tag along with Dems, I affirm that I did miss something. She didn’t buy a book but claimed two from OMF as a prize on their online promo. As we wait for the toddler’s book (that’s for her goddaughter) I had a glimpse of the History Channel’s “The Bible” series. You might say that I’m harsh but I don’t like it.

We left OMF to meet one of her friend, a blogger; author and Manila tour guide Lawrence Chan. So he talks about lots of great stuff and I find this guy quite likeable. He led us to the National Book Development Board (NBDB) booth which offers application forms for authors. We’ll if bloggers counts as authors we are in (although Dems and I both contributed articles for magazines). So the kind lady from NBDB gave us forms and we need to get all the requirements so we can be registered. Wow we are officially authors! Also thanks to Sir Lawrence, we had a free graphology from his friend. They call it a science in knowing your personality by your hand writing. Dems and I got some dose of it that it got me half an hour to get over it. Sir Lawrence then took us some booths and we stop by Goodwill to check some freebies. Unfortunately, we got nothing. So it’s time to say goodbye to Sir Lawrence and I hope to meet him again.

After a walkathon to find the ATM outside the venue, we went back to find ourselves getting lost (that happened twice) over the long lines of Psicom and Summit fans, to went to back to CSM booth to meet Ate Marlene (which you can read in the next post). Another strolling here and there, we chat about blogging and books. Till we feel our feet tired of walking and our tummy rumbling we decided to have lunch (another walkathon again). It’s Saturday and as expected every food outlets are jam packed. Thank goodness we find seats outside Kenny Rogers. Once had our rest and lunch, its bye bye for Dems (who will catch up an event at Libis) and me (going back to the venue).

By the way, you might not know, Best of Anime 2013 was simultaneously on going up stairs at the SMX that day. I happen to drop by and got to enjoy my 60 minutes at the event. But since I can’t discuss this here nor write an article about it I might as well direct you to the photos at my Facebook account. Just click here and drool over the images. And oh while you are there, be sure to add me up as friend, OK?

So again guys it’s been a great year for MIBF and I hope to see you and your friends next year! Enjoy reading!

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