Adventures at the MIBF 2013 Part 1

I came at the Mall of Asia (MOA) early and to find myself lining up at the gates because the mall hasn’t open yet. Having a bad experience coming home late at night last year from MIBF, I learned my lesson well. So I made sure I’ll enjoy this year’s bookfair more by coming early.

I rush to the Church Strengthening Ministry (CSM) booth which is farther booth of all Christian publishers. This is to meet Ptr. Armand Canoy, author of the “Or Assuming Lang…” series. I get to his book “Pastor Nga Ba or Assuming Lang?” which tackles being an effective pastor and pastoral calling (more of this encounter in an upcoming post and the book will be reviewed also). So after that I check CSM Book Madness 2 and their P100 books. . Again they are the loudest and most colorful booth in the event as usual. Well I find the usual stuff drizzle with some new ones. I bought for the 2nd time John Piper’s “When I Don’t Desire God”. No more Calvinist or Reformed titles from CSM for P100.

As I move to another booth, I saw Randy Alcorn’s first graphic novel “Eternity”. I was at the Christian Growth Ministries (CGM). Well the graphic novel is priced at…get this P150! Wow and its imported. Finally a gold mine! They offered imported books with jaw dropping affordable price on that booth. Saw stuff from Mark Denver, John MacArthur, Richard D. Phillips, Paul Tripp, BB Warfield, Phillip Ryken etc. I grab “A Holy Ambition”by John Piper for P100 and R.C. Sproul’s “The Glory of Christ” for 125 pesos (gasp!). I was happily moving on to other booths. I checked out other Christian publishing houses which I hope will enthusiastically be like CSM in the coming year. Well isn’t that a perfect venue to share Christ?

I was glad that OMF Literature and CLC Philippines had both the P100 sale like CSM. They do have great titles and many gather to flip, dig and snatch books from the pile. I want to buy that book by Eugene Peterson at OMF but I already got 3 imported books. That’s good enough.

Before I share some observations on the MIBF, please do check out more photos by click to this link. This will take you to my Facebook account. Don’t forget me as friend so we could hang out, drink coffee and share about Christ next time.

Some observations at the Bookfair are:

  1. The crowd is less this year compare last year (too bad).
  2. Still the Christian Publishers got most of the buyers (thank God).
  3. You can buy imported books for 100 pesos (wow).
  4. Newbie participants showcases spiritual prosperity and New Age stuff (which is dangerous).
  5. Books from secular, pop culture driven publishing company gets the longest line of fans. I hope the Christian booths get fiercer and their light shines brighter the next time.
  6. Filipinos are still interested in reading!

Some tips the next time you attend this event:

  1. Have a heavy breakfast.
  2. Wear comfy clothes and shoes coz you’ll be walking around.
  3. Bring bottled water.
  4. Save your Benjamins er I mean Ninoys a month before the event.
  5. Have your cold cash handy to avoid going to the ATM.
  6. Tag along your friends.
  7. Prepare to get broke 🙂
  8. Have fun and frolic over the books.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the event even though it’s a tiring one. If you have an adventure on the MIBF please share it on the comment. I’m dying to know your experience. Part 2 of this article will be my adventure alongside with a Christian friend and fellow blogger Dems Angeles. Till next post. God bless guys!


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