Book Review: 11 Indispensable Relationships You Can’t Be Without by Leonard Sweet

Landing on my lap is a book from an emergent author, Leonard Sweet, a “relationship book” with a twist. There are lots of books about relationship that sometimes like what I have said to a blogger friend, a Joshua Harris is enough. Relationship books really sell especially if it’s about love. But just I have said this book is a not the usual.  I can’t even pinpoint what category this book is (Christian Living with Discipleship mix). Nevertheless Sweet delivers a superb book that has eclectic appeal and spiritual message all in one.

With his witty writing style and reference to pop culture, Sweet draws eleven or should I say twelve (oops spoiler!), relationships that you can’t be without. He proposed in this book that your Christian journey is not a Lone Ranger type flight. You need a Tonto as you go on with life. Leonard Sweet derives these “Tonto” from different Bible characters. He lays it all here in this book from the mundane (a mentor/ Jethro, encourager/Barnabas, a true friend/Jonathan) to the quirky (a reject/Zacchaeus, a child/Rhoda, the VIP’s/Lydia, Lazarus, Rich and Poor) which I find very interesting. He blended it all into a concoction that will stick to your mind and heart. Sweet not just zero in to culture but of biblical as well chips of history. In as you read each of them, you will ask yourself “Do I have a Nathan, Jonathan, and Peter/Paul in my spiritual journey?” And with interactive questions in every end of the chapter, it put you thinking caps on and evaluates what you have read.

Sweet’s book although is a great book that we should read, we should also be reminded that Sweet is “culturally liberal”. So we should take it with a grain of salt from the sources to the quotes he puts in his book. Enjoy but be aware.

This book does really raise some great point for me and opened something in my journey as a Christian. Leonard Sweet placed in our hearts that in life we will meet people that we will either impact us or we will make a difference in them. In either way our lives will never be the same. Read this book and seek for those people will change your life.

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