Book Review: Personality Plus at Work by Florence Littauer and Rose Sweet

As one of the book installments, we can see now the things discussed in the primer “Personality Plus” goes to an application to real life. Now the authors Florence Littauer and Rose Sweet aims to put it on the workplace which has a vast of people and their personality to adapt with. This book is much thicker that that the primer but Littauer and Sweet should get the credit of crafting it in a very unique way that reader of the “Personality Plus” will appreciate. It is written in a sort of conversation style with real people as guinea pigs er (or what they call) cast of character. It gave the book a readable depth as we can dive in to not just real people in different workplace but with personalities that you will enjoy knowing, relating and learning from. While along the way some questions about concern are tackled.

“Personality Plus at Work” is a series of lectures they did in with eight different individual from the business world. Truly this book won’t take shape if not for the dynamic duo of Littauer and Sweet. And we should not forget the subtitle of this book “How to work Successfully with Anyone” which will really kill the cat because of curiosity.

The whole book is directed in unfolding the personalities of stated by Littauer’s “Personality Plus”. You’ll find it like reading a novel with much learning on how to handle people. Also the book tackles on the second half of the book, about the working relationships in different work settings (food service, real state, marketing etc.) You’ll find what you want to know here if you’re willing to read the whole book.

Again, this is a nifty tool for leaders and managers alike. It can give you an overview on what is like in their shoes. Although published by a Christian publishing you can’t find any biblical verses to support the book. Never the less, “Personality Plus at Work” is a nice read for a people who wants to have a healthy working relationship with others.

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