Book Review: Bedside Blessings by Charles R. Swindoll

If you don’t know who Charles or Chuck Swindoll well you won’t be able to read this post. This blog won’t exist either. He is one of my writing heroes and also in the line of writing down a sermon. He has this gift to explain Bible text and gives practical application on it. That’s why his books is on my top list (even if he is not a Calvinist).

Beside Blessings is a daily devotional with a very short inspirational message. What I like about this devotional, it short but the message still have this profound impact to readers. That’s what I call the “Swindoll Magic”. Taken from various Chuck Swindoll books (which I haven’t read) this is such a treat for those who are not familiar to his works. With bite size of godly wisdom I’m sure you’ll look for his books.

I think Beside Blessings is geared for people four kinds of people. One, those who are new to devotional and wants something short. Two, for those people who are so busy and tired. So they will have no excuse for not having a quite time before they sleep. Three, old people who can’t read that long for a devotional. Four, for older kids who you want to teach to give time for God every evening. In either ways this devotional delivers inspiration and encouraging thoughts that will wake you up blessed and refresh the next day.

Highly recommended this devotional is truly a blessing to everyone who has a desire to seek God in a very precious minute of the night.

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