Book Review: Daily Grace for Teachers

If someone asked you who is the most influential person in the planet some might say it is the teachers. Not just in the secular place but those humble Sunday School teachers. Their influence to shape you to who you are today is indispensable. The way you will view the world is gradually created by teachers who imparts wisdom and knowledge you need to know. And hey who won’t forget your terror teacher who pushes you to be the best.

Daily Grace for Teacher is fitting devotional to teachers to reflect and ponder God provision to them on the daily basis. When I open this book, the format and how it looks remind me of the Early Light Devotional that comes from In Touch Magazine by Charles Stanley. Filled with encouraging stories related to teaching, this devotional knows what a busy and a tired teacher needs. Something to teach the heart and soul of the teacher who seeks spiritual food.

Spiritual insights from Christians giants from yesteryears (Charles Spurgeon, Andrew Murray, John Bunyan) and contemporary ones (John Maxwell, John MacArthur, Warren Wiersbe, Charles Stanley) graces the Week Ending section. Truly this is a special section you will always look forward in the weekend. Not only that but the quotes section on most of its daily offerings is striking to the heart. Grace For Today gives quotable that will surely cheer you up and make you think.

Daily Grace for Teachers is the perfect devotional for teachers who need spiritual and biblical strength. As our Sunday school teacher commend on this it really helps her especially when she is teaching the children. A devotion that is not trying to jump in the devotional bandwagon but true to its commitment to nurture the needs of one of the most influential profession on earth.


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