Book Review: Every Teenager’s Little Black Book (Special Gift Edition) by Blaine Bartel

Wrote a book review of this book way, way back but not in this collected format of the 4 books. I was looking for something that I can invest to our young people in the church and something they will actually read. So I brought and collected these small books titled “Little Black Book”. I find it an enjoyable read so I hand it over to our group. Our young people read it, loved it and it never returned to me since then J

“Every Teenager’s Little Black Book” is no different with the separated ones only this time it is compiled in one volume. The design and the content are the same. But since it is bound into one volume it is for me the most recommended format. Bartel’s book is so special because the content really speaks to teens and this can be considered “ultimate guide for teens” book. Bartel’s 20 years mentoring teens reeks in this book and that he is able to deliver what teens want and what teens need to know. Beginning to its opening chapter (or book) Bartel zooms on what matters to youngsters: self-image. This book is written in a top list style (like a countdown) that gives an irresistible read every time. The book covers basically everything from sex, friendship, leadership, setting goals, God, love, marriage, money, future faith, etc.

So let me dip you on what’s in store in reading this book:

4 Signs that You May Not Be Ready to Date

5 Keys Characteristics of the Right Person

5 Things You’ll Wish You’d Learned 10 Years after Graduating

4 Reasons Not to Try Too hard

5 Ways to Attract New Friends

6 Enemies that Will Try to Steal Your Confidence

These and tons more of the good and godly stuff that “Every Teenager’s Little Black Book” can offer. Whether you’re a teen who want to shine or an adult who want to know about you teens, let Blaine Bartel feed you with advice and tips from this awesome book.

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