Book Review: Every Teen Girl’s Little Pink Book (Special Gift Edition) by Cathy Bartel

Just had this funny thought. Since “Little Pink Book” is for girls (and its colored pink) I might as well consider “Little Black Book” is for boys J (well they didn’t get the color right, it should be blue not black). But kidding aside, with the success of the “Little Black Book” series by Blaine Bartel who else should write a specific version for girls. This collected works of Blaine Bartel’s better half, Cathy Bartel is on one side similar to Blaine’s book and on another, it stands out from “Little Black Book.” Both have a catchy name and have capitalized on the “Little Book” brand. The content however in case of “Little Pink Book”, Cathy added more “spice and everything nice” to this volume for teen girls who wants to be what God wants them to be. It is more of a devotional book unlike the “Little Black Book” although it includes some top list. And as I scan the pages, I can see the heart of the author on two things the book carries: salvation and Christian living which has more emphasis that the “Little Black Book”.

Cathy Bartel penned a book that is a product of being partner with Blaine Bartel for two decades couching teens. You can read the whole story on the end part of the book. As I have said about Blaine Bartel on my book review of “Little Black Book”, Cathy knows what teens want and what teens need to know.

Opening the book, a big burst of pink (or should I say P.I.N.K. or Pray, Initiate, Note, Keep) comes out along with beautiful designed interiors, inspiring quotes, Bible verses, godly and delightful stories. “Little Pink Book” is not just an eye candy of a book but something that will inspire and encourage teens and young adults. “Little Pink Book” will bring out the positive and godly vibes to every teen who will read it. This volume is a worth read and oh don’t wait someone gives it to you, just grab a copy now!

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