Book Review: Upgrade: from Adequacy to Abundance by Michael Catt

        One question: Why do we need to stick “Pastor of Sherwood Baptist Church” or “Executive Producer of Fireproof and Courageous” to Michael Catt’s name (which he is) every time it comes up when in fact he wrote a superb book on living a victorious life?  You might say it will boost sales because of that. Ok fine. But “Upgrade…” proves that he is not a mere producer but a true blue Christian author.

You might have read similar books of its kind about living the Christian life the way God designed it. However, Michael Catt wrote it in a more “in” way for Christians (having references on technology) to understand. He didn’t have to sell out. Nor throw out the biblical stuff. Actually he maintained with it a pastor’s heart and kindness to those people who are not realizing how God wants them to be (I think he is greatly influence by the writings of Warren Weirsbe). Biblical but easy to digest and you can finish this book in the breeze but still maintaining the “dare factor” to obey God.

This not a prosperity gospel (as he points out in page 141) book. But a call to a victorious life that is yielding to the Holy Spirit. Sadly Christians neglect that they already have the “upgrade”. Let this book remind you the necessity of the upgrade, grab hold of it and let God continue the fire burning for the rest of their lives.

Catt divided this book into 3 sections which at first glance will give the impression it’s not a hard read. Nor it will be a predictable book that you might put it down unfinished. It will be a book that you will enjoy reading which ever part you want to read first. One part that I love is chapter 5 “Stop Wandering! Recognize God’s Promises”:

“The term “victorious Christian life” can be misleading because it sounds as if it’s some special form of Christianity, when in reality it’s the Christian life.”

Christians, are you prepared for the best God has to offer? Are you ready for the “upgrade”? I recommend “Upgrade: from Adequacy to Abundance” by Michael Catt for new or seasoned in the faith who wants a new and vibrant look at what it means to be obedient and living victoriously for God.

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