Book Review: Leadership Smarts by Ken Blanchard

   Still having a hangover on his book “The One Minute Manager” and his legendary “first day of class final exam” story, Ken Blanchard first converted me to management books. Like John Maxwell and Zig Ziglar, he has penetrable eyes that see managing/leadership from the inside out. Now he is crossing over the Christian book scene (like Maxwell and Ziglar) he will surely make waves.

“Leadership Smart” is a collection of Blanchard favorite quotes, some from famous personalities and from his indispensible sayings from his previous works that are more that inspiring or encouraging but reinforcing principles that leaders should take in. And who doesn’t want a power quote. Coming from me who likes reading and posting quotes on Facebook and Twitter and also maintaining a quote blog on Tumblr ( it such a delight to read one. But on the down side, you might think why you should buy a book with such content (where it is so prolific over the internet).  One, if you read lots of book on leadership you might want something short but powerful that matches a thick book on leadership. Second, you might be a first timer in reading leadership book, this will give you enough wit and wisdom to pump you up and whet your appetite for more. Third, it’s a Ken Blanchard book. Aside from the sayings, on the other side of it has stories or article to help you digest the quote. Prepare for the coals that will burn fire the leadership in you.

My favorite quotes in the book are:

“Get your ego out of the way and move on.”

“Am I a servant leader and a self-serving leader?”

“Your game is only as good as your practice.”

“Feedback is the breakfast for champions.”

Want to see the heart of a smart leader? Get this book. Want something that is short and sweet…challenging book? Read this book. Boost up your leadership with these striking and inspiring nuggets of gold straight from the leaders heart.

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