Book Review: Being Christian by Stephen Arterburn and John Shore

“Dont judge the book by its cover” that what we say. But how do we make a book with a beautiful cover and a beautiful content? That’s how the book “Being Christian” is and more.

Stephen Arterburn and John Shore did a fine job in writing a book that will do a great service for the new Christian. Written in a FAQ style (well not all are really frequently asked, but still are essential) the readers dives right in to the issues and topics concerning “being Christian”. The questions and answers are designed not just for the curious but for those who want to engage in Christianity to a level that you want to commit. The book is divided into two sections, God Inside (a personal look at ourselves and God) and God Outside (a personal look at outside or what surrounds Christians and how it connects with God). Very well organized and clean yet it touches the heart of the believer, something that a book of Q and A should and would have. Inevitably with that kind of format, it will be most useful and edifying for the church use it group Bible study.

“Being Christian” doesn’t end the quest for answers but most importantly it gives encouragement and inspiration for every Christians who have a nagging question. This book brings out a vivid life of assurance that truly God and you has a connection and a purpose.

You want some spoiler question and answer from the book? Nah. Buy the book. Its worth it :-).


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