5 Awesome Ways to Make a Fellowship Unforgettable

Fellowship should be unforgettable! So here are five tips to make that fellowship stick to everyone’s mind:

  1. Take pictures – Yes don’t forget it. Assign someone to take picture. Set up a photo booth and have a great background. You’ll have kick out of photos.
  2. Sing Children’s song with action – Aside from hymns try singing Christian children songs with wacky movements. Our group likes Christ in My Vessel, The Love of Jesus, Give Me Oil in My Lamp and I’m Redeemed.
  3. Invite other Churches – share the fun by inviting churches to your church fellowship. You can discover new friends and widen your influence with fellow Christians. Pick a church that you are rarely acquainted and spoil them with your Christian love.
  4. Make a surprise – Do something that is not in the program. Do a surprise Birthday celebration or a mystery guest speaker. This will give the program an unforgettable mark on it.
  5. Have souvenirs – Buy or make souvenirs that people will take home. It can be novelty items or DIY stuff the group cooked up.

Have you rounded up some of your tips to make an unforgettable impression to a fellowship? Please post it on the comment section.


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