Book Review: A Passion For Prayer by Tom Elliff

In writing this book review, I only have to observe my pastor who, when the package came, A Passion of For Prayer was the first book that caught his eyes. He start thumbing the pages and he separate it the other books. After a week or so, I see the book near the pulpit with bookmarks and folded edges. I told self “My pastor is enjoying the book.” Then he cam to me and told me he loved the book and its message. And it shows. Whenever he comes to the pulpit to preach or teach he made mention parts of the book and how it made impact in his prayer as well as his ministry. Coming from my pastor, this is one book that Christians should not miss in the subject of prayer.

There are lots of books about prayer that is out there. Go at your favorite Christian bookshop and see. But in the field of spiritual growth or living, their is not shortage of books. That is because Christians need fresh insights and encouragement for his life. That’s why their will be room for another book on prayer. Tom Elliff wrote one that is worthy of your shelf space.

The book aims to cultivate prayer by reminding the believers that in every small details we need to be ready to pray. In those small things we sometimes neglect to pray then all of a sudden those small irrelevant turning points in time it will accumulate. We need to guard our life by prayer to avoid those things. Also the book points out that as children of God, God is always waiting for us to come to Him. He is always there for us.

Picking up this book prepare yourself to seek intimacy in God through prayer and rebuild your prayer life. A CPR for the prayerless Christians  and a cold glass water for those who are looking for more in their conversation with God. This book will assist you in that quest. If my pastor liked it so will you and me will be delighting on this book.


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