5 Vital Things to Do to Avoid Digital Attachments

The internet and digital gadgets are integral part of our lives. We virtually can’t live without them. They make life easier for us living in the digital age. But sometimes it goes a little bit too far and without knowing they rule our lives. We should not be totally dependent to it that we spent lesser and lesser time doing things of more primary importance to us. Here is the list of things to avoid digital attachments:


1. Don’t give your gadget a name– Well it’s not human or pet then why should you give it a name? Remember it’s a tool.


2.  Don’t sleep with your gadgets near you– If your gadgets are within reach in your bed, you will tempt to always check for e-mail and status updates. It will be the ones that you’ll check first thing in the morning instead of the Bible or a devotional book.


3. Take digital Sabbaths– take time off using the internet or your android phone. Impossible? Well you can try it. I tried it for two weeks.


4.  Do old school ways of doing things – instead using the I-Pad use a note book or try FedEx instead of e-mails. Hey we use to live without internet connections, right?


5. Ask friends to come over your house – a meaningful conversation is most savored face to face. It’s more than being like or favorite. So unplug your laptops and mobile phones, invite people in your house, have coffee and chat. That will be nice. Hope you loved the list. Do you have number 6? Post it on the comment.


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