Book Review: Being Christian by Stephen Arterburn and John Shore

“Dont judge the book by its cover” that what we say. But how do we make a book with a beautiful cover and a beautiful content? That’s how the book “Being Christian” is and more.

Stephen Arterburn and John Shore did a fine job in writing a book that will do a great service for the new Christian. Written in a FAQ style (well not all are really frequently asked, but still are essential) the readers dives right in to the issues and topics concerning “being Christian”. The questions and answers are designed not just for the curious but for those who want to engage in Christianity to a level that you want to commit. The book is divided into two sections, God Inside (a personal look at ourselves and God) and God Outside (a personal look at outside or what surrounds Christians and how it connects with God). Very well organized and clean yet it touches the heart of the believer, something that a book of Q and A should and would have. Inevitably with that kind of format, it will be most useful and edifying for the church use it group Bible study.

“Being Christian” doesn’t end the quest for answers but most importantly it gives encouragement and inspiration for every Christians who have a nagging question. This book brings out a vivid life of assurance that truly God and you has a connection and a purpose.

You want some spoiler question and answer from the book? Nah. Buy the book. Its worth it :-).

4 Essential Websites for Reaching Out Jehovah’s Witnesses

Recently I posted the 5 Essential Websites for Reaching Out Mormons as a response to their recent presence in the media. Now we focus on another cult, the Jehovah’s Witness (JW’s) or The Watchtower Literature and Tract Society. Unlike Mormons, they are more zealous in their belief that I think you may have encountered them as they visit your home or received their attractive (but deadly) literatures. So I handpicked the following sites for you to be aware of this group and take actions. As a matter of fact, there are lots of great JW’s websites for you to visit. I choose the following due to their free resources that I personally use to inform or to reach out JW’s. So here the 4 website that will arm you the next time a JW’s come at your door:

Witnesses for Jesus Inc. ( or – a “one stop shop” for all your Jehovah’s Witnesses needs. Features lots of sections to check out including FAQ, Ex-JW support group, testimonies,  articles etc. Tracts in business card size for witnessing JW’s are the best. You can ask an information pack by mail for free (and I encourage you to do so).

Tower to Truth Ministries (– Fran Shankey is the director of this ministry. This website dishes out articles, downloadable audio testimonies and witnessing tips. Don’t miss Shankey’s program “Test All Things” that you will love as he interviews ex-JW’s and debunk false teachings of that cult. A very helpful program for us to learn more about this cult.

First and Last Ministries ( a UK based apologetics ministry that is geared in exposing the fallacies of the Watchtower Society. Now with a clean looking website, this ministry stands out because of various downloadable tracts and literatures that are free and can be ordered by mail (so you can reproduce it and give to your JW’s friend). A must read (or rather must for witnessing JW’s) is their 2 page literature called “AWARE” (a take on the Watchtower magazine “AWAKE”). You’ll surely love the materials available in this website.

Midwest Christian Outreach ( The husband and wife tandem of Don and Joy Veinot heads this ministry. Now with its recent website facelift, the website is now more useful and has more information to check out. I admire how they write about topics especially the Watchtower Society in their journal, Midwest Christian Outreach Journal. The Veinots writes with biblical, hard hitting apologetics but still the love for the people trap in cults are there. You can download for free the journal or request it by mail. I suggest picking the issues with the Jehovah’s Witness as topics. Then request the documentations mentioned on that article. They will send you a mail of the requested documentations containing JW sources (JW magazine articles, tracts, and booklets that are recent or way back a century ago!). You can study for yourself or share it to refute claims of the Watchtower. My favorite is the issue were they response to the anti-Trinity booklet of the JW. They send me an inch thick of documentation. You won’t be disappointed.

Additional Resources

The One Minute Apologist Videos

Downloadable JW Money tracts and checks

If you love the Ray Comfort money tracts well you’ll love this also. Their own version of money tracts and bank checks that are eye catching and easy to give away.Click here to view and download it.

Has a Jehovah’s Witness visited your home lately? How did you response to their teachings? Did it go well? Please post it on the comment section.

5 Awesome Ways to Make a Fellowship Unforgettable

Fellowship should be unforgettable! So here are five tips to make that fellowship stick to everyone’s mind:

  1. Take pictures – Yes don’t forget it. Assign someone to take picture. Set up a photo booth and have a great background. You’ll have kick out of photos.
  2. Sing Children’s song with action – Aside from hymns try singing Christian children songs with wacky movements. Our group likes Christ in My Vessel, The Love of Jesus, Give Me Oil in My Lamp and I’m Redeemed.
  3. Invite other Churches – share the fun by inviting churches to your church fellowship. You can discover new friends and widen your influence with fellow Christians. Pick a church that you are rarely acquainted and spoil them with your Christian love.
  4. Make a surprise – Do something that is not in the program. Do a surprise Birthday celebration or a mystery guest speaker. This will give the program an unforgettable mark on it.
  5. Have souvenirs – Buy or make souvenirs that people will take home. It can be novelty items or DIY stuff the group cooked up.

Have you rounded up some of your tips to make an unforgettable impression to a fellowship? Please post it on the comment section.

Book Review: A Passion For Prayer by Tom Elliff

In writing this book review, I only have to observe my pastor who, when the package came, A Passion of For Prayer was the first book that caught his eyes. He start thumbing the pages and he separate it the other books. After a week or so, I see the book near the pulpit with bookmarks and folded edges. I told self “My pastor is enjoying the book.” Then he cam to me and told me he loved the book and its message. And it shows. Whenever he comes to the pulpit to preach or teach he made mention parts of the book and how it made impact in his prayer as well as his ministry. Coming from my pastor, this is one book that Christians should not miss in the subject of prayer.

There are lots of books about prayer that is out there. Go at your favorite Christian bookshop and see. But in the field of spiritual growth or living, their is not shortage of books. That is because Christians need fresh insights and encouragement for his life. That’s why their will be room for another book on prayer. Tom Elliff wrote one that is worthy of your shelf space.

The book aims to cultivate prayer by reminding the believers that in every small details we need to be ready to pray. In those small things we sometimes neglect to pray then all of a sudden those small irrelevant turning points in time it will accumulate. We need to guard our life by prayer to avoid those things. Also the book points out that as children of God, God is always waiting for us to come to Him. He is always there for us.

Picking up this book prepare yourself to seek intimacy in God through prayer and rebuild your prayer life. A CPR for the prayerless Christians  and a cold glass water for those who are looking for more in their conversation with God. This book will assist you in that quest. If my pastor liked it so will you and me will be delighting on this book.


5 Essential Websites for Reaching Out Mormons

 Lately Mormons or Mormonism (LDS or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) has been in magazines, blogs and social media (especially on Facebook). They are presented in a chic, tech savvy, cool and just an ordinary Christian denomination way. You might have encountered them and find them very nice. But despite of what image they portray, they are not biblical Christians. The following are apologetic websites that will help you understand Mormonism and how we Christians reach them with the gospel. They also provide a vast number of free resources like articles, hand outs, tracts, videos, mp3, online books etc. to assist in this quest:

Mormonism Research Ministry ( – according to their website MRM “is a missionary/apologetics organization that was organized in 1979 to propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to critically evaluate the differences between Mormonism and biblical Christianity”. With a clean look and how they response to issues of Mormonism you’ll find this website friendly. Sign up for their free newsletter which is a great one. Plus check out their blog “Mormon Coffee”.

SourceFlix/Living Hope Ministries ( – a video ministry that produced cutting edge movies geared to Mormonism (and for Christians too). Several videos they produced are DNA vs. The Book of Mormon, The Bible vs. The Book of Mormon, Called to be Free and  Lifting the Veil of Polygamy which you can watch online for free . These movies gives an honest look at LDS church from credible experts (Bible Scholars, scientist and archeologist) in and out of Mormonism. Please don’t miss the movie “The Bible vs. The Book of Mormon”. Convincing and thought provoking, their videos will become your valuable tool!

4 Mormon/ Witnesses for Jesus Inc. ( – I love this ministry. Well organized and updated in their activities. They have special features in their website like the support group and ex-Mormon testimonies. Lots of sections to read and explore. The online materials like tracts and hand outs are awesome. You can download it or order an info packet about Mormonism by mail for free.

Utah Lighthouse Ministry ( – probably the most extensive and well research in the doctrine and history of the Mormon Church. The Tanners (Jerald and Sandra) are former Mormons with a deep connection to the religion. They provide their impressive researched documents on their website which the LDS tried to suppress online.

Saints Alive ( – Known for The God Makers book and documentary, Ed Decker, is founder of Saints Alive and his website boast with resources like tracts, podcast and his personal blog. In recent years, Decker expanded his ministry to groups like Jehovah’s Witnesses, Islam and Masonic Lodge. Nevertheless, the section on LDS is still stands out.

Additional Resources on Mormonism:

The One Minute Apologist Videos

My blog articles:

Blogging to Reach Mormons: Delighting Grace Interviews Sharon Lindbloom of Mormon Coffee Blog

5 Things to do with Cult Literatures

Are you reaching Mormons lately? Please share your experience on the comment?

5 Cool Ways to Handle an Impromptu Bible Study

It’s another day of your weekly Bible study when all of the sudden your Youth Pastor  got sick and you have to take over. But you are not prepared. If you have 5 Minutes to prepare, then check these five tips to handle that Bible Study:


  1. Start with a prayer – pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit as you unveil the Scriptures to the Bible study group.
  2. Get it going with lots of interactions- Bible studies is not a one man band. Have a two way conversation to the attendees by sparking some questions that will fill the time. But make sure it is still in line with the study.
  3. Recall your meditation – You can teach them what you have learned in your devotion. You can read it straight from a devotional book or your journal
  4. Use previous notes- it’s a good thing to have a note handy and find previous messages that you jotted down.
  5. Teach the gospel – if the groups are unbelievers you can’t go wrong in teaching them the gospel even if they have heard it already. It is also a brush up to believers who also attend by adding some Christian responsibility in the lesson.

Now that you know these tips make sure the next time you are prepared in handling a Bible study. Anything to add to the list?

Book Review: Add Mo Ko As Friend by Marlene Legaspi-Munar

My eyes caught this book over National Bookstore and for sure many will give a second glance on this because of its message: friendship. If you’re an avid reader, you might dismiss it as a Bob Ong book (simply by the title and the cover art). If you in the other hand an avid reader plus a Christian, you might conclude it’s a Ed Lapiz book (those popular 2 in 1 book he puts out). But surprise it is not. However, if you want to savor a book with likeness of those writers, well this one’s for you.

“Add Mo Ko as Friend” is a book that centers on biblical friendship for the social media frenzy culture. Written in Taglish that everyone can relate to particularly the youngsters. It is a “pang-masa” and “sosyal” book because not just how she blend the languages but she tackles the importance on having friends. It will appeal to everyone I assure you. Relevant and upbeat is the best description to “Add Mo Ko as Friend”  that’s why it made the bestsellers list at National Bookstore, OMFLit and PCBS.

A concise book on friendship that is not short in content to help you understand and cultivate friendship. Munar crafted a well written book that covers important topics for everyone to enjoy. How she manages to put it all in is a gift.

“Add Mo Ko as Friend” also focuses on engaging true friendship with God and has a gospel message in it so it’s a great gift for unbelievers. With its theme and attractive cover your friends will go crazy for it.

Are already ‘connected’? If not then get this book to give you a ‘friendly’ hand in nurturing friendship online and offline. I recommend “Add Mo Ko As Friend” by Marlene Legaspi-Munar for those who value true, godly and meaningful friendship in this digital age.

Joshua Harris on Biblical Conviction

On his down to earth book about theology, Joshua Harris explains what conviction is:

“When I use the conviction, I’m talking about a heart-level, settled belief before God, that doesn’t change with our environment. Conviction is something we believe, not because someone is making us, not because we have to, but because we are convinced it’s what God would have us believe.

Compliance isn’t conviction. Conformity to other people’s standard isn’t conviction. Adapting to a church culture isn’t conviction. Biblical conviction is the result of the study of Scripture, careful thought, discussion, and the search of wisdom. It requires work. It requires the humility to test the result of our choices and change our actions when necessary. Most important it requires a laser focus on God.”

(Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris, pg. 170, Published by OMF Literature Inc. 2010)

Book Review: The Normal Christian Life by Watchman Nee

Have you think about those “signature books” of great Christian authors? What I mean is those single written works that gave them prominence in Christianity? There are great examples. Well John Bunyan has his “Pilgrim’s Progress”, John Wesley “A Plain Account of Christian Perfection”, J.I. Packer with “Knowing God”, Oswald Chambers “My Utmost for His Highest” and so on and so forth. As for Chinese Bible teacher and leader, Watchman Nee (Nee To-sheng) “The Normal Christian Life” gave him a place in Christian literature and to thousands of hearts who wants authentic Christian life.

With all clarity and great expository, “The Normal Christian Life” by Watchman Nee unpacks the essentials in spiritual growth. Robust and vibrant, Nee tackles chapters from Ephesians and Romans which is the heart of the Christian walk. From justification to sanctification, this exciting work of Nee is what God intended Christians to live. This book won’t settle for something superficial Christian but will let the readers pursue Christ. Every pages of “The Normal Christian Life” shouts “Put Christ in your life!”

Looking at this book I can see its spiritual power with the likeness of E. M. Bounds, J.C. Ryle and Andrew Murray’s works (although the Preface indicates this is a compilation of spoken messages by Nee). Angus I. Kinnear made and outstanding translation of this work that you’ll enjoy reading over and over again.

Well written, clear and has a great flow of topics, you don’t have to wonder why this book is over 1 M in print and will still matter in the 21st century. Whether you’re a seeker, a new believer or already walking in Christ, you’ll find this book handy in your Christian journey. Experience genuine and fresh Christian life in Nee’s “signature book”, “The Normal Christian Life”.

5 Vital Things to Do to Avoid Digital Attachments

The internet and digital gadgets are integral part of our lives. We virtually can’t live without them. They make life easier for us living in the digital age. But sometimes it goes a little bit too far and without knowing they rule our lives. We should not be totally dependent to it that we spent lesser and lesser time doing things of more primary importance to us. Here is the list of things to avoid digital attachments:


1. Don’t give your gadget a name– Well it’s not human or pet then why should you give it a name? Remember it’s a tool.


2.  Don’t sleep with your gadgets near you– If your gadgets are within reach in your bed, you will tempt to always check for e-mail and status updates. It will be the ones that you’ll check first thing in the morning instead of the Bible or a devotional book.


3. Take digital Sabbaths– take time off using the internet or your android phone. Impossible? Well you can try it. I tried it for two weeks.


4.  Do old school ways of doing things – instead using the I-Pad use a note book or try FedEx instead of e-mails. Hey we use to live without internet connections, right?


5. Ask friends to come over your house – a meaningful conversation is most savored face to face. It’s more than being like or favorite. So unplug your laptops and mobile phones, invite people in your house, have coffee and chat. That will be nice. Hope you loved the list. Do you have number 6? Post it on the comment.