Book Review: Lift Up Your Eyes by Christopher Shaw


A pastor once told me that not all Christians are called to be pastors, preachers, Sunday school teachers and missionaries. But all Christians are called to be leaders. We are leaders with a servant leadership.

“Lift Up Your Eyes” is a devotional geared for those Christian leaders in either ministerial or secular settings. There are lots of Christian books that are for leadership. We have tons and tons of it already. However, a devotional solely for leadership are but few. That’s were “Lift Up Your Eyes” comes in. A day by day meditation of what really matters most for leaders. Is your leadership in the spotlight? This devotional will cater to you and empower your leadership.

One of the things that caught our attention on this devotional is on prayer. We should make it a point to consider prayer as the most important and most powerful thing that God has given to us. But sometimes we neglect it maybe because we don’t really know what prayer truly means. As Christian leaders we need to bow in prayer everyday and set a vision to pray.

Leaders, are you looking for something to energize your day spiritually? Pick up “Lift Up Your Eyes” to know the heart of God in every phase of your leadership.

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