Book Review: Personality Plus by Florence Littauer

“Know thy self” a quote from an ancient philosopher which still echoes today. Lost in what society or culture dictates to us we come to be tangled to images that are not who we are.
“Personality Plus” aims to untangle confusion on who we are and how we will understand others in the process. As I read this book by Littauer it dawns to me that this book is based on a book by Tim LaHaye on temperaments titled “Spirit Controlled Temperament”. I still have the copy it in its vintage edition. Also the contents of that LaHaye book are still vivid in my mind. So “Personality Plus” is “Spirit Controlled Temperament” version 2.0.
“Personality Plus” is a straight forward book that helps you apply its methods in very opening chapter. Here you got to choose in four categories of personality that fit who you really are. But first you have to answer the personality chart that gives character traits that you have. Then you pick which of the four personalities that most likely express yourself. The four personalities are Popular Sanguine, Perfect Melancholy, Powerful Choleric and Peaceful Phlegmatic. Further chapters of the book discuss the four personalities in terms of advice in encouraging, improving relationships, compatibility and achieving our potentials. I think you’ll smile if you find who you are in this book and give all heart attention to the suggestions for your personality.
Although the author of the book is a Christian, you won’t find the book drench with biblical support to the ideas it holds. I find some of what is included here has the same feel with self help books out in the market. Still this is a nice guide and you’ll learn from it. Not a gem but a tool in getting to know ourselves.

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