CLC Philippines Book Card

Open your wallet and what do you see? Aside from the money bills, a picture of you and a 10 year old Starbucks receipt, an endless collection of cards. Discount cards, ATM cards, membership cards, ID cards etc., etc…Let me add another more to the list. How about a discount card for Christian books? And not only does it gives discounts but entitles you to be a part of God’s mission to reach out others? Is that a great deal? If you said yes then be a member of CLC Philippines “Book Card”.  Get discounts, freebies and exclusive privileges’ only from CLC Philippines.  If your passionate for books that will help you grow spiritual then this card is for you. How can you be a member? By simply by submitting a completed application form and pay the required fee you are in. Yes that is so simple!

In addition to that you’ll be added to the growing number of Book Card Connect, a book club and support group of the Book Card holders. The purpose of this group is connect Christians (member of the Book Card) to have fellowship and met new friends.  Now that’s something! So run to nearest CLC Bookshop to join or check CLC Philippines website, Facebook and Twitter for more info.


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