Book Review: Advanced Strategic Planning by Audrey Malphurs

From the title of this book, it gave me flashbacks of my graduate school. I took up Masters in Business Administration where we study the components of handling a company or an organization. From the human resource to the basic operations of it, MBA gave me a perspective that getting a group of people with a common interest or goal needs a lot of well laid methods to get it in full swing. An organization is not just made up of buildings or equipment but people who are giving their hearts and mind to the mission and vision the organization. In 2 year stay, I always get acquainted over and over again with two words: strategic planning. If you are planning to take up MBA, strategic planning will run to every veins of every subject you will go through.  

If secular companies or organization needs a game plan for its survival so does the church. We are not just placed by God us to occupy a title but use the gifts and guidance of the Holy Spirit to work out a healthy and growing church. Aubrey Malphurs “Advanced Strategic Planning gives a helping hand to assist the contemporary church.

Malphurs book is strategic planning. Not just planning but strategic. Not just a nifty plan but a well sought and thoroughly plan that aims to accomplish what it takes for a church to survive. This is not another leadership book that will enhance key personnel of the church but a blue print for church and ministry leaders that will arm them not just encouragement but wisdom.

“Advanced Strategic Planning” opens with the reality of the decline of churches that needs some serious thoughts. Base on studies when the life cycle of a church reaches the plateau stage in will eventually have a receding tendency. That  why this book focus on targeting the plateau stage with a new model for church planting, church growth and church revitalization.

This book will get you down and dirty to do strategic planning complete with activities that will get you immediately into action. It includes some survey and assessment sheets on the appendix.  Don’t get dizzy with the number of pages or the topics that are discussed. Thoroughly explain and illustrated you won’t be at lots of what the book is driving. This book reminds me of Doug Field’s “The Purpose Driven Youth Ministry” sets a mark of what is a youth ministry for the coming decades. My prayer is that this book will truly help the ministry leaders to cope to the ever changing demands of their flock.

A straight forward, well written book that can be a textbook for a Christian seminary, Audrey Malphurs “Advanced Strategic Planning” is the real deal if your concern to church growth and planting. A book that will keep you up and running to do what God calls us to do.


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